when life gives you lbs…

i’m just like you. i crinkle my nose at the gym selfie, the check-in at lifetime fitness, cross fit, and the “who cares!” remark inside my head (or out loud) when someone posts how many miles they ran/their route for their run this morning.

know why? because i am lazy.

i like to snuggle up with my dog and take a nap 3 pm on a saturday afternoon or think walking around nordstrom rack and spending money is enough exercise for the day.


i realized as soon as i was in a relationship (WITH A COOK) i started “letting myself go”. even though i always hated those gym selfies and people’s status messages about it being leg day – i always appreciated and secretly applauded their results. don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a fitness blog.. but i definitely want to document this hopefully huge milestone.

between 9th grade and freshmen year of college, i was thin. thin meaning i wore a size 0 to 3 jean without ever having to work for it. i ate chipotle pretty much daily, would eat a plethora of snacks to my leisure, pizza was no stranger in college (toppers, anyone?) and i thought i would stay that thin forever. wrong!

know what happened?
21. alcohol. metabolism. genes.

lewis and i were making homemade calzones at 9 pm when i realized at that moment, this needs to stop. “wedding diet starts tomorrow!” i said. i mean, the calzones were already made.. so why waste them?  lewis said, “okay, let’s do it.” we high-fived on it, sealing the deal.

the next day after returning from work, lewis said it was time to work out. i whined and said i didn’t want to, that i was just kidding about going on a diet (i wasn’t), that it was friday and i didn’t feel like it. he told me tough luck. poor guy practically had to force me to go. sure enough, that was exactly what i needed. we ended up going jogging with shandy (which sucked for me because i am very out of shape), running 2 miles, and doing weights. CHECK IT OUT, only took an hour out of our day. here i come, wedding dress!

day #1!

i will admit we are not going to give up alcohol, because we enjoy a cocktail. the line has to be drawn somewhere. beer is off the menu for now, but we can class up our lacroix with a splash of vodka.

our plan is to exercise at least 20 – 30 minutes a day, cut out carbs, and eat healthy.
easy enough! we aren’t going too crazy, but definitely making a change for a better lifestyle. if we can do it, you can too. it is really not that much to ask and there is no excuse with all the downtime both lewis and i have. plus, bread will always be there. our youth will not.

no: fried potatoes, white bread, bagels, pizza (this is an arrow to the heart), noodles/pasta, cake, soda, cookies, pancakes, waffles, popcorn, cereal, crackers, chips, packaged foods, granola, beer/cider, fast food (bye taco bell!)

yes: fresh veggies, fruits, hummus, water, lean meats, peanuts, dried fruits, whole wheat pita pockets – basically anything not on the “no” list

we are on day three and have had some pretty great meals. i also threw away all of our junk food so i don’t find myself digging in the cupboards at midnight crying in to a bag of cool ranch doritos.

so far, so good:
#1: 1/2 of a pan seared chicken breast with 1/2 a cup of rice, onions, and prosciutto
sunflower arugula salad drizzled with homemade red wine lemon vinegarette
#2: bacon-wrapped jalapeños with sriracha cream cheese and 1 cup of cilantro lime rice
#3: asian lettuce wraps
bib lettuce, ground chicken, onion + carrots, cilantro, and fresh jalapeño for garnish

we went to the store today and are pretty impressed with ourselves. we bought a lot of fresh produce, quinoa, ground/lean meats, veggies, yogurt, and healthy snacks. surprisingly, it wasn’t any more expensive than our regularly scheduled grocery store runs.


any feedback or tips are super appreciated. we have already received a handful of support. happy to start this health kick and hope to inspire someone else & see results!

note: i am also publicly posting this so if i back out, i can get shamed by friends and family.

wish us luck!


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