recommendations and half-assed salutations.

i have been in CO for about 4 months now. there are many differences between here and MN (obviously). for one: cub foods, byerly’s, and lunds are not a thing. i made this mistake more than once. “do you have a cub foods bag?” blank stares.

they do not have jack’s frozen pizza, juicy lucy’s, rhymesayers, a love for prince, soundset, or 10,000 lakes. or really any lakes now that i think about it. these are things i can get used to and get over, but there are a few things i do not enjoy.
so before i get a little negative, definitely need to discuss that there’s plenty positivites and things to do here.

– snooze (brunch!)
– red rocks (duh!)
– sweet action ice cream
– sweet cow ice cream
– avanti
– the HUNDREDS of breweries they have!
– voodoo donuts
– hiking, hiking, hiking (seriously so many places to explore)
– a plethora of dog parks
– denver biscuit company (try it ASAP)
– no mosquitoes
– no humidity
– the food truck selection
– beautiful place to have a wedding..
– friends and family want to visit
– the proximity of colorado to other fun states (road trip, anyone?)
– weed (if you’re in to that sort of thing)

1) rudeness
2) non-resident discrimination

what CO does not have is a passive-aggressiveness behavior or a “minnesota nice” mentality. it’s true, not just a saying. i literally stared at a woman today with my mouth agape at my apartment complex, at a loss for words. we were both trying to utilize the staircase, so i stopped at the top and moved to the right so she could get by. in return, she sarcastically remarked “UMM.. THANKS for getting out of my way with your dog that is scary looking?” she continued to march up the staircase, leering the entire time at my dog and i from above, with complete and utter disgust.

my dog:

apparently getting out of her way meant going back in to my apartment and shutting the door – because stepping to the side, waiting, and saying “sorry, excuse me!” is not enough.

little weird things happen like this pretty much daily, but this was a fresh wound. saying something to me is one thing, but once you bring my dog in to it? come on.

another thing around here is being anti-texan? i hear a comment at least once a week about texans moving here. skiing in jeans, being wimps about the weather, their “annoying” license plates.. so-on and so-fourth.
but, it isn’t just texans: just a general dislike of how many people are moving here the past few years.
i saw a bumper sticker on a jeep today that said, “GET OUTTA COLORADO” from a “native” (saying you’re from colorado isn’t hip – the word native is used if you were born here). even the lady at the DMV was telling us they can’t keep up, having to give everyone “Q”s on their license plates. guess that’s what happens when you legalize marijuana?

for example: here is rant that was posted by a native not too long ago. there are a lot of these articles/pieces floating around, but this summarizes a majority of them.
(mind you, this is JUST a portion.. and there is some explicit language)

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.26.34 PM

i do like it here, minus the fact people are resented if their moms didn’t birth them within state lines and that having a colorado hat is not cool (this guy listed 17 things by the way, i could only manage to show the first three).
any way, i have a colorado hat.. and i will not stop immediately.

looks like he needs to have a little bit of herbal treatment that he voted for.

POSITIVE NOTE: the ice cream is fabulous, the weather is delightful, and waking up to the mountains everyday is amazing. there is so much to do here but it really shows how accustomed i became to MN after being there for just about 24 years.. it also shows that the flock of newcomers aren’t too welcome – but what do i know? i’m from minnesota, dontchaknow?


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