s*#t just got real

we’re engaged!


and we already have the date set for june of 2017. as asked by my future mother-in-law, “can you wait until june?!” in which i responded: emotionally i cannot wait, but financially i can wait.

lots to do BUT the best part of all the planning (aside from the cake tasting) will be the honeymoon. there are so many options out there for a HM – in which i will want a very stress-free, alcohol, beach vacation. too bad you can’t book flights a year and two months in advance. after all, this did start out as a travel blog 🙂

what i love most about my relationship from lewis is that there is always something to look forward to. whether it be a big move, a trip, or a marriage – i cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. i am so excited there is never a boring moment. very thrilled to spend the rest of my life with this dude.

the proposal:
i am not going to lie – lewis and i have talked about our wedding and getting hitched numerous times. mostly late nights where alcohol has been involved

people keep asking me, “WELL HOW DID HE DO IT?!” so before you get excited for a crazy story or waiting for a candid shot of him down on one knee with tears rolling down my face, it didn’t happen like that. i wonder where the tradition of getting down on one knee started, and of course i dreamed of this happening (who doesn’t?) at an unexpected moment where i also happen to be dressed nicely, perfect hair, and a professional photographer snapping all sorts of pictures. but is that realistic?


lewis and i decided we wanted to get married a few months back and started looking at rings on and off. i was showing him what i liked, and he showed me what he liked. this happened for a couple weeks, getting ideas and setting a price range – talking about setting a date and the little details.

on wednesday, april 13th – lewis and his mom went to zales to look at rings together after he called my dad for permission.. my dad said yes (obviously). afterward, lewis told me he didn’t find anything he thought i would like. so after brunch  – lew and i headed to the jewelry store in cherry creek district of denver to get more ideas.

a lot of rings were “meh”, and i wasn’t seeing anything that was “me”. they were either plain or way too expensive. i tried on a few and lewis crossed his eyes at me out of stress.

about to wrap up and head home after getting some ideas – there was one ring at the very right of the case by itself that i hadn’t looked at yet. i pointed to it and the saleswoman took it out, and i put it on my finger.
the moment it went on my finger, my heart jumped. my cheeks turned red, i smiled. i held it close to my heart and said, “this is the one – i have that feeling.” in return lewis said, “then it’s yours. i think we’ll take it home today.”


i smiled SO big. the saleswoman was talking, but i blocked it out – so happy we found a ring, together! so many emotions were going through my head. “is this actually happening?” i couldn’t focus. i didn’t think we would be walking out of a store with a ring that very day, that very moment.

lewis asked me while she was carefully boxing, wrapping, and bagging; if i wanted him to get down on one knee and do the whole thing. i said he didn’t have to because it wouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point. he said, “good.” pressure’s off! (plus i wanted to wear the damn thing immediately)
the saleswoman handed lewis the bag and said, “congratulations you two!” we left the jeweler giddy, holding hands and smiling.

a lot of you might think this is disappointing, but it wasn’t in the least. when we got out to the car, lewis took out the box, told me he had been waiting two years to do this.. then came the lovely phrase, “will you marry me? i said yes, and he slipped the ring on my left hand. i asked if it was the correct hand and he said, “yeah.” i said, “are you sure?” again he said, “yes, i am positive.” (so typical!) we embraced each other and whispered “i am so happy.” that moment is what matters most.

i started calling all my close friends and family, tears rolling down my face as i gawked at my newly blinged-out finger.
easily one of the best moments in my life.


so – he didn’t get down on one knee, he didn’t go to jared, and there was no photographer. it was just us, intimate, simple, and real. was it traditional? nope. was it a (complete) surprise? nope. and honestly, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

418 days until i am mrs. lew hachmeister!

*b&w cover photo by jazmin chase photography


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