lone tree livin’

here we are: official residents of colorado in 7 to 12 business days. we got our license pictures taken on wednesday afternoon and shockingly, there was zero line at the DMV (but we did have to wait for a woman who was “confused” for 15 minutes why she couldn’t remove her middle name from her driver’s license..) and we were in and out in about 25 minutes. unheard of.

but honestly, i am super happy we made it through that snow storm. there were over 100 accidents on that stretch of road between iowa and nebraska, including semi-trucks, moving trucks, trucks with trailers, and numerous cars. we had so much weight in our truck, my dad says it is likely the reason we did not spin out. a lot of the semis that skid off the road were probably empty. seriously glad we made it alive without an incident.


on that note, the weather here has been amazing. 50s and 60s, not the -9 i peeped happening in minneapolis yesterday night.


on our travels it was funny to hear the accents change. we stopped at a truck stop in nebraska and i was waiting to pay. a man eating saw me waiting, stood up, and popped his head in the kitchen area. “excuse me, can someone help this young lady? she’s been waiting to pay out here.” ha! don’t hear that often in minnesota. i also wasn’t a stranger to having the door opened for me with a head nod and a, “ma’am.” have to love getting closer to the south!

after getting here monday night and settling in a bit, lewis and i went to a delicious neapolitan pizza joint on tuesday to celebrate the move and national pizza day (yes, that’s a thing). the waitress was amazingly nice and hilarious. after telling her we just moved from MN, she said she had a roommate who was from there and she was awful. we both laughed and i decided we were friend soulmates right there.

so, i left her my phone number and a note on the receipt asking her to be my friend. this is completely out of my comfort zone and i now know how men feel leaving their number on a napkin for a hopefully-single female prospect. the anticipation ensued for about an hour and a half after leaving the restaurant.. until she texted me saying she would LOVE to have a new friend, and she felt the same way about our potential friendship. glad the feeling was mutual. hi meg!
lesson learned: if you want to make friends, just do it. <- click here

one of the things i was worried about the most (besides money, ha!) was missing my friends and family. but that is what technology is for, right?
*i am now worried about coyotes though, because there was one outside my apartment last night and it just stared at me. oh.

other things i will miss from MN:
– heggies pizza
– lotsa motsa
– jacks pizza (i have not seen any here yet, which is odd!)
– jucy lucys
– cub foods
– glam doll donuts
– liquor lyles
– rhymesayers
negative 40 degree weather
not being able to find a parking spot by my apartment

these are just a few things that are different, notice how i care about the pizza selection? there are so many good things about colorado though, i suppose i can forget about the lack of frozen pizza options.


i can’t wait to start posting blogs about hiking spots, the mountains, snowboarding, and hot springs. the adventure has just begun!


One thought on “lone tree livin’

  1. Carol Hachmeister says:

    So glad you two made it safely through the storm! Wishing you both the best of luck on your new jobs and looking forward to hearing more about your Colorado adventures. With my love and prayers. Grandma Hachmeister


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