colorado or nah?

naturally, lewis and i are currently driving down interstate 80 in terrible conditions. when i say “lewis and i”, i mean lewis is driving and i am gasping every ten minutes or asking “what was that?” whenever i hear a thud or bump. we already had to pull over last night so i could be reassured the car is still in tow behind us.


we are in iowa, about 110 miles away from council bluffs, which is where we were supposed to drive to last night. we cannot believe we even drove at all last night through iowa, being the road conditions were the exact same – except it was dark. there has been more totaled cars and collisions on the side of the road than we have been able to count. the funny thing is that there isn’t even enough snow to measure, only a dusting. it is pretty windy and people are generally idiots in poor weather, so i semi-understand. 


last night, we stayed in a hotel in ames (so kindly booked by lew’s parents) – so we could safely get off the road. i wish we were still there but we really should to get to CO by tonight to get our keys. looks like the weather will pass when we get to nebraska so we will keep going.

hindsight is always 20/20. “we should have packed everything up sooner,” “we should have left earlier,” blah blah blah. we did leave at 5:30 instead of noon yesterday, and we did only drive 3.5 hours last night instead of the 5.5 we wanted to. we had to clean which always takes longer than expected. our old apartment is so clean you could probably lick the floor.  

ha, somehow we both knew we would be stuck in shitty weather. the king sized bed and ability to have a good night’s rest was better than sleeping at a truck stop or rushing in a snow storm with the potential of crashing/breaking down at night. plus, ed liked that he got to stretch out his appendages. 

  • Snacks so you don’t have to stop for food
  • Allot extra time!
  • It is always okay to pull over
  • Your safety is more inportant than anywhere you need to be
  • Book hotels with free breakfast
  • Don’t drive through Iowa or Nebraska because it is super boring
  • Make sure to let parents and loved ones know you are safe and update them of current location (the beauty of the cell phone era)

be careful when you are literally towing your entire life behind you. i am nervous we are going to spin out and the truck is going to spontaneously combust/start on fire. i am glad we booked the truck for five days, which gave us an extra three days, just-in-case. the wind could tip over the truck right now without apologies, i am so glad lewis is being such a trooper.. though he really has no choice. if i were driving we would probably be in the ditch already or filing an insurance claim. 

we have to get there somehow, right? 9 hours to go! wish us luck. go broncos!


PS – just drove by a u-haul that tipped over.. let’s pray budget truck has a better wind tolerance. 


One thought on “colorado or nah?

  1. woobs says:

    “be careful when you are literally towing your entire life behind you” lolol. safe travels my dears! that look on lews face of calm concentration… 😛


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