colorado bound.

it’s been awhile since i have posted a blog. mostly because i am not in europe anymore. right? well, since my blog is technically about travel – i thought i would catch up on the past and present travel plans:

october – foliage hiking in MN (we traveled 30 minutes away from the metro area so that counts as something, right?!)


december – lutsen mountains ski resort (where i fell on my ass more times than when i was learning to walk)

january & feburary 2016 – colorado.. for good!


that’s right! lewis and i are packing up and heading to colorado for good. we are finalizing housing (hopefully) in two weeks and will be new colorado residents in mid-feburary.

backstory: i was pretty ill in november and stayed home parked on the couch, whining to lewis that i should really go to work even though i am sick because i have stuff to do. classic. i didn’t end up going to work that day because of the obvious, and killed time by planning “our next big trip” by looking at airfares.

this is dangerous because this is what happened when we booked flights to germany – on a whim, on a random weekday, because they were cheap. egypt, thailand, china, and new zealand flights were viewed but i couldn’t find any $400 tickets to these international destinations. go figure.

while i was scanning different airlines, $19 one-way tickets were available from minneapolis to denver as a promotional deal.



that’s right, $19 tickets. it was only $38 for lewis and i to go to denver for a weekend. (check out frontier airlines for these silly cheap deals!) i had never been, and a mini vacation is better than no vacation. move over, new zealand – you will have to wait.


after booking the flight to denver in early november, i applied for a few jobs in the area just to see what would happen. shot in the dark, right? especially since i had never been there. lewis seemed puzzled as to why i was spending 3 hours filling out a job applications for a different state. nothing wrong with polishing up your resume i always say.

fast-foward to three days before getting ready to head to colorado: i had an e-mail to set up a phone interview for one of the positions i applied for.


this was shocking to me, for as three other positions sent me “sorry, we picked someone else who actually lives in colorado..” e-mails, so i couldn’t believe they were giving me a chance.

after going to colorado for the weekend, we absolutely fell in love.


now i am sitting here in my un-touched apartment with 35 days to go until we pack up and leave.

as for the job position, i aced my interview(s) and have a job waiting for me. i seriously couldn’t be any happier and am so excited to take this 914 mile leap.

isn’t it crazy how taking a chance can completely change your life?

PS – can someone tell lewis to please finish our europe videos?
hi, lewis! can you please finish our gopro videos from europe?


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