oops, i did it again!

back to germany. we took a train from florence to pisa, then a flight from pisa to düsseldorf. our flight landed in düsseldorf weeze at 10:45 pm.

yes, you read that correctly. it landed in weeze, germany. ryanair had said their airport was in düsseldorf, but it was actually in weeze – an HOUR away from düsseldorf. remember when i went to the frankfurt airport and was at the wrong frankfurt airport? yeah, it was like that.

unfortunately, i did not find this out until after we landed and the GPS said it would take over a day to walk to our hotel. when i looked online, our airport to the hotel was supposed to be a 14 minute walk. my heart dropped. why in the hell did my plane ticket, the flight attendants, the pilot “we will be landing in düsseldorf in approximately 90 minutes..”, and internet say we were heading to düsseldorf? 

maybe weeze should not casually be slipped in parenthesis?we headed to car rental again and got more pleasant “no”s. it is 11:00 pm on a friday and it is dead, and you are telling me none of you have cars? i looked online and they did have cars, but just won’t rent them directly americans (apparently).

i am pissed because i already booked and paid for our hotel. my mind is at 100 mph and lewis stays calm, of course. while planning to book a car online and THEN approach the rental desk, there was a blurb on the airport website saying there were busses to düsseldorf for €15.

i look up from my phone and walk in a timely matter over to the information desk. it was 11:23 pm, and the board says next bus to düsseldorf was at 11:25 pm. i confirm with the desk woman who told me in a british accent to hurry up because it is the last one this evening.

HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? we run outside, quickly pay the driver, sit down, and arrive to our correct destination around 1 am. we kept talking about how lucky we are during the ride. i can tell lewis was mad i somehow did this again, but it was an honest mistake. he kissed my temple in reassurance it was not my fault. i still feel dumb. AHH what a long day.

don’t be me when you are traveling and rely on luck, triple check everything! even if it is something as dumb as making sure you are going to the right airport. this probably only happens to me, though. 

when getting a cab to the hotel, we climbed in and shut the doors only for a man to approach and open lew’s door. “HALLO? HALLO?” lewis grabs back on to the door handle to shut it and says, “what?”, but he doesn’t let him shut the door. “you must ride with me, i am the one.” this was another cab driver and he was mad we did not get in his cab. 

lewis scoffs, “you’re the only cab driver?” “yes. you must ride with me.” he points to his large van that is parked behind us. he is pissed he was sitting there first and the cab we were in just pulled up. (i think?)

our actual cab driver sighs and says nothing. why would he want two people to ride in his 8 passenger van anyway? i feel like he wants to kill us. lewis goes to shut the door again and the guy lets him this time, pissed. he starts arguing with our cab driver in another language until we drive off. i apologize, but not sure what for. an interesting way to top off our already unpleasant night.

we ended up getting upgraded to a suite at our hotel. again. this was a gigantic room and i wish we got to enjoy it longer. it was an apartment essentially – two beds, a kitchen, huge bathroom, etc. the window in the bathroom opened up from the roof, giving a cool view of the neighborhood.


we headed to the mall (galeria) after check out and it was so fancy. i am out of clean clothes at this point, so i needed to buy something to change in to. i felt inferior with my already-worn white tank top, large jacket, and brown pants that are a little too big. my backpack probably did not help either. ferarris and fast sports cars hogged the streets. rich women with leather and leashed french bulldogs scattered the shops and sidewalks. whoa.

i settled on red skinny jeans and a baggy heathered top with zippers on the sides. i am sure everyone knew i got it off the clearance rack, but at least i blended in a bit more.

our friends rachel and dom picked us up a few hours after check out (yay!) and we went to the 172 meter building in the center of the city.


it was not the greatest. it was a money trap since when you got off the elevator, it was a restaurant and bar. no viewing deck. it was crowded and the drinks were €13. no. they had stairs to bring you to the very top, but that was another, fancier restaurant. boo.

we felt like we were robbed, but the view out the window was cool. i pressed my face against the glass like a kid outside a candy store, trying to get a good photo without the relfection of others or the glare of the light showing.


we left slightly disappointed and split up girl/boy style. boys went to the car museum, girls went shopping! it was refreshing getting some girl time and lewis getting some bro time. we love eachother, but it has been 24/7 with us two. it is nice to get socialization with other human beings who speak english and share the same interests.

we all know how it is dragging your significant other to the mall or being the one dragged to the mall. as for me, i don’t know much about cars. for those who know lewis (or even dom), they really enjoy cars. win for all. you will have to ask lew for car pictures!

after doing our own thing for a few hours, we all came together and spent the night having cockatils, laughing, and eating delicious food. lovely! so glad to have friends around the globe.




when we headed back to their house, about an hour and a half drive, i saw a huge flash of light and freaked out for a sec. i thought we got hit by lightning. turns out it was dom getting his picture taken for speeding, they hide the cameras in trees. oops!

what a scary reminder to slow down. surely it is not a good feeling knowing a ticket is coming your way no matter what. you can’t even try to weasle out of it like when you get pulled over, telling the cop you didn’t know the speed limit or that you’re going in to labor.

we are going to chill and do laundry today, then head out early in the morning for a 7 hour train ride to friedrichshafen. so sad the trip is coming to an end, we have exactly a week left. BUT it is nice to get a day to relax. we have walked over 60 miles this trip. i have the blisters to prove it.


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