the oldest city in germany.

last night i was laying in bed and could not sleep. i was thinking about how sad i am going to be when i come back home. it has been less than a week but time is still flying. suddenly i feel lewis’s hand on my back and he says, “i don’t want to go home.” he couldn’t sleep either. great minds think alike. 

yesterday, we went to the heart of trier after breakfast. we woke up at 10:02 am and breakfast ended at 10:30. i threw on some pants and a top and we hurried downstairs to see if we could make it. 

it was a breakfast buffet, but not like at home. they offered meats, cheeses, and other things (i had no idea what they were). no make-your-own waffles here! i relunctantly grabbed a banana and sat down as i judged the food at the counter from afar. the bacon and eggs were gone, which is the only thing i was familiar with and wanted. 

after getting some coffee served to us, i saw some breads hiding in a basket. toast! i put the bread in the toaster but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. i looked at lewis for help and called his name, i felt myself getting looks from others around me. stupid american. turns out the button was in the back of the toaster. #thestruggleisreal

trier is known for porta nigra and saint peter’s cathedral (like the death cab song). yesterday, we were straight up being tourists and did not care. americans were everywhere, and could be easily spotted by shorts and loudness. at least we were not loud or wearing shorts, just using my selfie stick and the gopro…


getting to the hot tourist spots was an adventure. we had to figure out the bus by ourselves, as everything was in german. the owner at the recepetion of the hotel did help us to navigate our way to the bus line, but the way back we were completely on our own.

the city bus reeked like B.O. and cigarettes. some things never change. 

after seeing the sites, we decided it was time to eat. 3 hours had already passed. we stopped in a shop that smelled yummy but nobody spoke english. someone outside had something fabulous so lewis pointed to the guy outside, and they nodded their head. the man behind the counter said “everything?” lew said yes. he then said “sauce and meat, one!” pointing to the items behind the glass. lewie quick ordered mine plain because he knows me so well.

this is what ended up in my face:


DELICIOUS. taking a chance ended up in our favor today.

trier is beautiful and the city was cluttered with churches, shops, and cafés. school groups and seniors flooded the streets as a tour guide loudly (in german) explained the sites. a man with an accodrian played music, looking for compensation. i couldn’t help but throw him some change – he was quite good. he flashed me a smile, “danke!” and continued to play a cheery tune. the sun was shining and even i was smiling.

(but let’s be real, i was probably so happy because i purchased more fabulous clothing items. oops!)

today, we checked out of our hotel and headed back to trier. we have the bus down now, no issues today. this time we are lugging our backpacks and decided it would be best to take a cab where we were going. 

there is a church on top of a hill, saint mary’s, which overlooks the entire city. this is a 2 mile walk. after our last fiasco of walking 2 miles with the bags, we decided not to go down that route again. especially up-hill.

the cab played great music on the radio and he drove quite fast. i sang along to a familar song. “all the other kids with the pumped up kicks..” i didn’t realize i was holding on to the handle on the car ceiling so hard until he went around a hard corner. i should be used it to by now, i am frequently a passenger in lewis’s car.

after getting out of the cab and walking up quite a few steps, we made it to the top. i wish i could stay here forever.

we hung out for awhile and started to head back down. this was a sturggle. it was so steep and there were over 1,000 stairs. no exaggeration. my little legs were shaking on the way down. when i say shaking, i mean practically vibrating. i had to stop every few steps because i thought i was going to fall. lewis found this funny but it took us about an hour to get back down. photos do zero justice on how steep it was. this would have been a way easier trek without the backpacks, let me tell you. i had to switch my pack back to my stomach again. i felt like a kindergartener getting off the bus on the first day, making sure to be very tedious with each step to prevent falling on my face. 


this should be a challenge on that amazing race show because it sucked. i am so glad we did not try walking up. you can see how far up the tower is from the city. yeah, we walked down from that.

immediately after making it all the way down, i tripped and fell in to a thorn bush/screamed. how fortunate lewis caught this on video. my pants got stuck and lewis helped untangle me. 

my misfortunes make this blog worthwhile, right? 

next stop: netherlands


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