am i skinny yet?

getting off the train for trier was a doozy. we abprutly got off a stop ahead of the trier main hub because google maps told us our hotel was within walking distance. we hurried off the train in seconds, making the last minute decision. as we hopped off, the doors immediately closed behind us and the train pulled away in to the distance. i watched it disappear as i looked around and patted myself, making sure i did not forget anything (like it mattered if i did).

it was a 3 kilometer walk. no problem, right? wrong.


  1. i had to pee
  2. it was hot!
  3. 3 kilometers = 2 miles
  4. my bag weighs 15 pounds
  5. i had to pee

the first 1/2 of the walk was fine. great scenery, a bridge over the river, a walking path. i switched my backpack to my stomach while on the bridge because it was starting to get too heavy. i felt like a pregnant woman, waddling, holding my back, the never-ending urge to pee.  


after we crossed the bridge, we were on a weird frontage road. no sidewalks. i felt like throwing up my thumb and hitch hiking. there was a bright pink building that said “PRETTY GIRLS”. i doubted it. 

the frontage road also had many car dealerships. it is weird that it is also a custom in germany to have car dealerships all lined up next to eachother, like in the US. why are there always three to five in a row? i felt dumb going in there with my huge bag on my belly and asking to use the restroom in english. i assumed the answer would be no. when there are car dealerships there has to be a gas station, right? i keep my eyes peeled wishing i had binoculars.

30 minutes or so have passed since getting off the train and i REALLY have to go. i am thinking we should have went to the main hub and taken a taxi. hindsight is always 20/20. when i start to lose hope and come to the end of the car dealership line (without site of a gas station), guess what? i see a port-a-potty. randomly sitting on a dirt road. what? is it a mirage? luck? fate? whatever it is, it’s go time.

i run over to it and hand lewis my bag, so excited to pee! i lock the door and pull my pants down. i look up before i sit on the seat and lock my eyes on a HUGE spider hanging out on the hand sanitizer dispenser. seriously, it was big! 😦

screams flew out of my mouth as i stood up. “LET ME OUT! AH! OH MY GOD!” of course, i could not unlock the door for the life of me. i now know how they feel in horror movies when they can’t get that damn door open. 

when i do finally break free of the portable bathroom, lewis is looking at me like “what the hell?” my pants are still half down and as i pull them up i point and say, “there is a spider in there!” i am close to tears. he sighs, picks up a stick, and gets it out of the bathroom. he checks around for more spiders. after assuring me it is safe to go back in, i finally get to pee.

after peeing for a minute straight and wondering how i did not go in my pants, i come back out feeling 100% better. i shut the door, rubbing in the hand sanitizer liquid from where the spider had once housed on. when putting my backpack back on, lewis laughs and says: “there were so many more spiders in there.” i still pray he was joking but my heart says he was not.

about 2 minutes later we go around a bend in the road and see a gas station. audible sigh.

a few blocks down from the gas station and “welcome to trier”, we see our hotel. lewis and i have walked 4 miles on this day (almost 5) and we feel accomplished. we have now walked over 18 miles on this trip. i feel like my pants are looser but that could also be my imagination 🙂 

the hotel we are staying in is lovely. it was apparently built in 1612. it is called hotel zur post and i really like the interior and feel. the owner speaks great english but still has that thick german accent. he hands us a huge key for our hotel room, #27. so much character in this place. view from window isn’t so bad, either.



we ate at the restaurant downstairs for dinner, attached to the hotel. the waiter was very german, young, and polite. he spoke pretty good english but had a tick. i think it could have been tourette’s. every time he talked, he made a peculiar noise. i would describe it as “uhh-gun” if you sound it out loud. use your throat. 

it sounded like a noise from the gut through the diaphragm. it was girthy, loud, and every few seconds. he offered to read us the menu (since it was all in german) but i didn’t want to make him talk more, as it seemed to get worse the more nervous he got. i ordered “gorgonzola” which is the first thing i recognized (besides spaghetti) and lewis got carbonara. 


it was the most delcious pasta i have had* and it was only €9. what? in the states with the portion sizes we recieved and quality, it would have been $14.50 + $3.00 to add chicken.

*this will likely change when in italy.

lewis and i had wine paired with our meal and this was the first “real” meal we have had. time flies when you are eating a delicious meal and drinking wine with good company. we also happened to be celebrating 15 months together. if you told me 15 months ago i would be in germany enjoying wine and pasta with this man, i would have scoffed. 

we left full, a little buzzed, and tipped our waiter (classic americans) some euro coins for the trouble. we felt bad because two other americans were also in the restaurant, being picky and therefore (somehow) embarrassing us. 

it only gets better from here.


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