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now: we are on the DB bahn to embark on to our next adventure. the views are beyond compare. the rolling hills, castles, and countryside make it worth the 3 and 1/2 hour train ride. everyone is silently doing the same, enjoying the scenery. others are reading their books and sipping on bottled beverages. 



i keep getting startled by the wheels hitting the tracks, as they sound like an old man gasping for air. i keep looking around for a man who cannot breathe but lewis has assured me more than once it is the wheel hitting the track.

back to yesterday: for our last day in frankfurt, we went on top of the main tower downtown. i whipped out the selfie stick only after going up 190 meters to be greeted by another tourist shamelessly using her selfie stick. we stood up there for a good 15 or 20 minutes snapping photographs and chatting with a man we overhead say “minneapolis”. i am hoping i did not make minneapolis look bad because when lewis said, “we are from minneapolis!” i had the gopro on the selfie stick and was striking a pose. i cleared my throat and waved, feeling my cheeks turn pink.



after that, we ended up going on a shopping spree. unexpected, but needed. the items i bought were worth every euro and i cannot wait for someone to say, “cute! where is that from?” this is when i will bat my eyes and say, “oh this old thing? i got it in germany.” maybe this won’t happen from a stranger, but i am certainly expecting it from my mother. i am glad the euro is pretty much the same value as the USD right now because i did not feel as guilty.

also, mcdonald’s happened. we caved. it was so good and america needs to take pointers from europe. that is all i need to say. 


we tried to go out to a new bar last night but ended up with beers at the all-too-familiar pitcher’s pub, which was nestled conviently next to our hotel. we drunkenly found late-night wieners to eat (so delicious) and headed back to our hotel, dodging numerous urine puddles that suddenly appeared on the ground. stay classy, germany.


i already miss our compact room accented with an orange “easyHotel” advertisement. sucks finally getting used to a city and leaving it right after. 

today: we were going to go to bitburg today because trier was too expensive, but reassurance from my friend dom from high school (who we are meeting on friday!) had me take a second look. we got the LAST hotel room in trier for a relatively cheap price, which is only a few miles from the trier hbf (train station). score. i love when things work out.

while we ate our dunkin’ donuts and coffee this morning (when i was booking our hotel over free wi-fi), several refugees came up to us. we did not understand what they were saying, but globally everyone understands when someone is begging for money. we shook our heads no and made no eye contact. i felt bad until i saw them go to other people passing by. these people would flick their wrist and wave them away without stopping or giving a second glance. after a few encounters with syrians begging for money, a pigeon also came up looking for handouts. this was the final straw for lewis who said, “and nothing for you, either!” i laughed as the pigeon bobbed his head back and forth, walking along, continuing to graze for food on the ground. 

when exchanging more USD for euros, we waited in line as a short and tan old man came in line behind us. he was bald but mustered up the courage to rock a comb over with the white hair he had left. his shoes were dirty and he had on a sweater and khaki green slacks. i am thinking he was from greece? not sure. anyway, the entire time we waited in line, this man was shouting and complaining in a raspy voice behind lewis. the man inched closer and closer and got more agitated. obviously we did not know what the hell he was talking about, but the people around us in line started chuckling. one man removed himself from line to go laugh. this made me nervous, but i also had to stop myself from laughing and cracking a smile. was he talking to lewis? we will never know. 

naturally, lewis stayed stone faced and i made sure to lock contact on the back of lew’s bag to make sure he didn’t try to dig for goodies. the man was standing so close to lewis i felt like he had to be talking to him. maybe not.


current: when getting off the train for our transfer to trier, we did not know where we were going. this led to us missing our connection JUST in time to watch it leave without us. this led me to freaking out and thinking the world was over, but lewis calmed me down and luckily a train was leaving for the same destination, on the same platform, in less than 10 minutes. why does he deal with me?

when getting on the train, this one was packed with children. literally, packed. i sighed because i really did not want to go on this one but had no choice. it was a sardine tin with kids. these kids are aged 8 to 14 and they are alone. i am thinking in my head how this would not fly in the USA. also, how can these kids figure out the train and i cannot?

i have to stand because there is no room to sit. meanwhile, a man takes up 5 seats with his bicycle. thanks! to top it off, i am too short to reach the hand rail. figures. other seats are occupied with people’s bags and belongings, which i am also guilty of doing. 

i feel like i am surfing while the train moves, standing with my legs far apart to keep from falling. of course, an elderly woman with a beer in hand (ironic) slips and falls. her friends shout an exclamation when she goes down. i am thankful it was not me but do wish i had a beer. 


this is a louder ride and the opposite of the last experience, guess this is not the enjoy the scenery and be quiet type of train.

see you in trier! 


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