iceland + frankfurt

we made it! still alive.

i am so shocked it has only been a little over 48 hours. we have done so much in such a small period of time. i am trying to soak in everything around me, there is so much culture to absorb. lewis and i just got back from walking around frankfurt all day. literally, all day.

but let’s start with iceland.

the flight there was pretty awesome. i watched spongebob squarepants on the plane and lewis watched seven for the first time.


5 1/2 hours later, we landed in iceland on 3 hours of sleep!

 when we walked in to the airport, it looked much like an ikea. everything was so modern and reminded me of pop-art. we sat down and had an expensive breakfast, washing it down with a $4 bottle of water. i must tell you that i also ate a delicious croissant filled with ham and cheese. it is the best thing i have ever eaten. having a 10 hour layover, we took our time.

while eating, i realized that the whale tour i booked “near the airport” ended up being 45 minutes away from the airport. slightly freaking out, we headed downstairs and walked outside to a row of buses. the whale watching tour started at 9:00 am and it was currently 7:55 am. we asked a gentleman if he had heard of “elding whale tours” and he shook his head no and pointed to another bus driver. hello language barrier. this other bus driver also had not heard of it, but told us it was close to a hotel he knew (?) and to get on the bus. we shurgged and showed someone else a map and she took our cards, swiped them for 15,000 ISK, handed us tickets, and we sat down. hope this is right?

after we sat down, the bus left and started explaining where the hell we were going, but in another language. we hoped for the best. the clock was at 8:01 am.

long story short, we arrived at a bus station and told to get off. it was 8:50 am. we hopped in a taxi, told him the address, and at 8:58 am, we were at elding whale tours. don’t you love when things work out?

the whale tours were amazing. it was a cold and rainy day, but it added to the experience. we put on our whale coveralls and stood on the deck for a 3 hour experience. the whole time was filled with anticipation to see a whale breach in my face. in exchange, it ended up being a game of “dodge the vomit”.

lewis and i still are not sure why so many people decided to come on this whale tour who were prone to sea sickness. every corner i turned, there was someone pale-faced and wide eyed, bracing a handrail. the ship reeked faintly of vomit and i was walking like a penguin from the front to back of the ship, time and time again, to avoid someone falling on me and puking. the waves hit hard, and people were falling out of their seats and looking like drunk toddlers trying to grab on to something, anything, to prevent them from falling on their face. whenever i thought i found a good spot, someone would start retching and grabbing their puke bag. #byefelicia

good news: lewis and i did not fall or puke. more good news: lewis and i saw two whales and some dolphins, but they were quick! you can see a dorsal fin below.


the best part was whenever the captain said “whale, 12 o’clock!” over the speaker, everyone would try to shuffe and see it but it would already be gone. it was really luck of where you were standing.

i will never forget how wide my eyes became and the feeling of excitement i got during my first glance at a dorsal fin for .5 seconds. that was worth it right there.


after the whale tour, we walked around town and enjoyed the views. we also realized we could walk back to the bus station. it was nice to explore the town and this is a place i definitely want to come back to. if you are ever in iceland, take a stopover!

we took a bus back to the airport and had two hours until our plane for frankfurt would board. we both took naps. i wish every aiport had the seat i was able to sleep on during our wait.


on the plane to germany, a plump kid threw a tantrum directly ahead of us; kept saying in german how hungry he was. his parents said nothing and dad kept wiping the child’s nose as he screamed and cried. this kid was 7 or 8, mind you. eventually the kid started crying harder and louder, which is when everyone around him started laughing. how’s that for public embarrassment? i ate crispy m&ms while he cried. #noregrets

when we landed in frankfurt, we were lucky enough to get a hotel across the street from the main hub. easy! navigating through the airport was.. not so easy.


i was so nervous the whole time. i was clutching on to lew’s arm and suspiciously looking at everyone, like they knew i was american and they were out to steal my stuff. obviously not the case, but the relief i felt getting off the train and in to our hotel was beyond words. of course we didn’t get to check in to the hotel right away, some man was fighting with the receptionist in german for a good 10 minutes. this led to eye-rolls and loud sighs from my behalf.

when we checked in the hotel, we passed out for 10 hours. #jetlag


today we explored the city but still have two days left. i am hoping to dedicate an entire post to frankfurt tomorrow night (it needs one) as i am about to get some beers and take away pizza with my sleepy head. he just woke up from a nap from our busy day.

to summarize, we are having an amazing time. there have been a few bumps but nothing is easy in a new country and it always makes for a great story. stay tuned!



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