and they’re off!

after lewis got his car towed off our own parking lot last night (bye $278), i am so ready to leave this city. i am lucky enough to be able to be dramatic and say i am leaving the country.

finally, we are sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane in roughly one hour. 

we made it!

… of course, i left my wallet in my dad’s car. i called him in time to turn around before walking through security. oops. it wouldn’t be “vacation” without me forgetting or losing something. i pray this is the only time. #classic

currently, we are huddled around the outlets enjoying free wi-fi and making sure our electronic devices are all charged. while sitting here, i am pondering, “when should i start cracking open our mini bottles?” we brought our own mini liquor bottles in two quart-sized ziplock bags. the clink of them in my carry-on bag comforts me as i know i will not be paying $9 per cocktail on the plane. (thanks for the traveling tip, mom!) please don’t judge, we are on vacation.

we are boarding our plane at 6:50 pm and are arriving to iceland at 6:30 am. there, we plan on whale watching and bellying up to the bar before (and likely, afterward). once again, do not judge. we will then arrive in germany at 9:30 pm. in the meantime, i will be freaking out about my backpack potentially getting lost.. until i reunite with it in germany at the baggage claim. i wish i were joking but a tear almost shed from my eye as i watched it disappear on the conveyer belt.

wish us luck!


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