backpack, backpack.

someone at work: “i heard you are going backpacking! sorry, but what is backpacking?”
i explained to her it is me taking one backpack for all my stuff versus bringing suitcases or luggage, and that a backpack will be easier due to the amount of traveling i am doing.
she looked at me completely shocked, “is that going to be enough?”


newsflash: i got all my shopping done today… even though i am sick with a cold. thanks internet/priority shipping. being sick absolutely sucks but i am glad it is now versus later. sickness is also a reason for me to post again since i am already on the couch.
“why are you posting again, you’re not even there yet.”
i am excited, okay?

also, even though we leave in 6 days, i started to get pack-happy. i am normally a last minute packer and i have an attention-span/memory of a goldfish, so this is exciting. here’s that blog post about what i am going to pack.

official stuff:

    • 4 pairs of harem pants (think aladdin)
    • 1 pair of skinny jeans
    • 2 pairs of leggings
    • 2 long sleeve shirts
    • 1 pull-over hoodie
    • 1 zip-up
    • 3 v-neck Ts 
    • 3 tank tops 
    • 1 “packable” anorak/parka (i just bought this today at macy’s on sale for $15. i am so in love.)
    • 1 long sleeved denim button-up
    • fedora (another macy’s buy. $8, say what?)
    • infinity scarf
    • romper
    • 2 cardigans
    • tights
    • black cotton dress shorts (to pair with above tights)
    • three pairs of shoes (the black leather flats didn’t make the cut (pun) due to the blisters i received last time i wore them)
    • boots (i caved and the inevitable happened)

side note: i’m glad harem pants (“MC hammer” or “aladdin” pants) are in style in europe. 
i plan on bringing 4 but would have no problems bringing the 6 i own, though this trip did give me an excuse to buy more. for those who don’t know what harem pants are, now you know. they aren’t as extreme as mister hammer’s, but you get the idea. 


packing tips i have acquired and have taken to heart:

*bring neutral colored clothing for versatilely (if you can’t mix and match, maybe repack)
*skinny jeans are always in
*roll up clothes instead of folding them to save room and to prevent wrinkling
*bring scarves to accessorize/change up outfits
*if you won’t or can’t wear it more than two/three times, don’t bring it (so probably leave the heels at home, fellow backpacker. you likely won’t wear them more than once. cobblestone streets + heels = lol)
* lipstick, just do it

with this in mind, everything i am bringing i can wear together. i can pretty much pull out any top with any bottom and it will work. obviously i also want to leave room so i can go shopping.. someone cut up my credit card, please.

think i over or under packed? am i forgetting something? holler at me.
of course passport, toiletries, undies, plug-ins, etc. will be packed. i am just glad to get the key clothing items out of the way.

maybe now you’re wondering: “hey now, where is all this stuff gonna go? will it really fit?”

maybe not. BUT when most people think about a “backpack”, like the lady who asked me at work, i feel like they are thinking of jansport. but you’re all smarter than that, right?

regardless: this is my backpack (click!), my new best friend. i highly recommend it.


my things will fit.

my favorite thing about this bag is the deployable 2-for-1 hip-pack. this means a section of the bag has the ability to zip off completely and turn into a fanny pack which THEN has the ability to turn into a smaller backpack. it’s the butterfly of all bags! i am planning on using the smaller bag to carry around stuff during adventuring or in the airport while my larger portion of the bag is stowed or locked up (bringing my own padlock). the large backpack also can be carried duffle style. i used this bad boy camping earlier in the summer and had no issues. #winning

so, i give it 4.5 out of 5 stars because it’s cute as hell and practical. minus the .5 because i will probably hate it after the first week and will want lewis to carry my stuff.

if i can do it, you can do it. now let’s pray lewis doesn’t catch this awful cold before we leave. or that i do not die.



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