omg, shoes.

i am making a packing list in my mind: mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, travel toothbrush, pants, t-shirts, long sleeves, a hoodie, a fabulous hat to wear in italy, underwear (how many pairs do i bring? like honestly), and shoes.

i have a lot more things on my mind and things i will have to pack, but i am going to stop at shoes.


females out there, do you feel me?
i never thought i would be that girl but it cannot be avoided.
***boys, you can probably stop reading now.***

for shoes, i do not have a lot of room in my backpack. clothing i can roll and fold but as for shoes, they are clunky, awkward to pack in a bag, and have the risk of being smelly. okay fine, they will be smelly.

i never thought i owned a lot of shoes until i lived with a boy who pointed out i left them all over the place. like i said, not a lot of room in the backpack to bring an array of footwear. below is what i was planning on bringing:


1. mary-jane cotton shoes in pink and gray. i feel like i am walking on a cloud in these bad boys.
bonus! they are super affordable and look fashionable. (urban outfitters, $16)

2. a pair of TOMs in black because they are super comfortable and i know i can walk in long distances with them. (, $48)
3. a pair of black leather flats for dinner or an evening out. (nine west, $69)

the real question: am i supposed to bring boots? and when i say boots, i mean timberlands or something of that nature. i feel like they take up too much room in my bag for me to carry around, and i could hike fine in toms.
thoughts are welcomed. 🙂

and to think the packing list in my mind will become a reality in the next few days.
so much to do, so little time (and money)


ps – mostly did a blog post on shoes so i could reference the shoes video that came out on youtube in 2007. can you believe that was 8 years ago?


2 thoughts on “omg, shoes.

  1. Kris Hachmeister says:

    If this was my trip I would take the pink ones and the Tom’s, leave the other 2 at home and take a pair of boots in their place. I can think of a number of scenarios where a pair of boots would feel so good–when it’s wet, dirty, rocky, crowded, etc. Nothing like the comfort of having your feet protected. I say this from experience! Kris


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