hello, world.

austin here, trying to be cute.
this is my first big-girl blog.
in the past, i had a blog… (before myspace and facebook were a thing) which is utterly embarrassing.
good luck finding it. please don’t.

whenever i read a blog, i wonder “who the hell even reads these?” then i realize, i am reading it. and here you are, reading mine. i decided it would be a good idea to blog about my experiences in europe since it’s definitely a big deal. this is mostly for me, but i know somewhere out there someone else is curious about my adventuring. i know this because people have told me, “i can’t wait to see your snapchats!”
so let’s take it up another notch.

the business:
as of today, there are only 13 days until we depart.
and by we, i mean myself and my better half, lewis. (hi honey!) he is going to be the one with the go-pro on a stick, which i will probably get most of my photography from.

the first thing people ask us is “why germany?”
frankly, because it was cheap.

in january, we were looking up airfare in germany and ended up booking two one-way tickets with a credit card.
that’s all it took.

unfortunately, we now also have two tickets booked back to mpls. we were in a dream world for a few months thinking we were going to pack up and never come back, but reality smacked me across the face and my bank account laughed at me. so, three weeks and two days will have to do the trick.

for those of you who have and will say, “jealous! i wish i could do that.”

but seriously, just do it. i am working an entry-level job with the city of minneapolis and my boyfriend is a chef. we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, but we made it work. yolo.

itinerary, thus far: 
minneapolis, minnesota → reykjavík-keflavík, iceland → frankfurt, germany → treir, germany → amsterdam, netherlands → pisa, italy → florence, italy→ düsseldorf, germany → munich, germany (oktoberfest)

we also hope to hit switzerland but this is a general idea of where we will be going.

i am excited, nervous, happy, and hungry all at the same time.
keep you posted (but really)



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